Lightweight track halves stone lifting cost at prestige apartments


Lightweight track has proved to be the most efficient and cost-effective method for carrying out extensive masonry work on new luxury apartments.

The equipment, hired from Hird Lifting, was used to lift and transport thousands of tonnes of stone used in the prestige development in Finchley, North London.


It not only provided the most efficient and safest option, it was also at least half the cost of what would have been the next best conventional method for lifting and placing stone blocks, said Hird Lifting’s James Carr.

He added: “Our lightweight track lifted and delivered stone precisely to where it was needed. It reduced manual handling to near zero and was perfectly suited to the complex and confined site conditions.

“All these benefits, in themselves, made our lightweight track an ideal lifting solution. On top of that, though, it was half the cost of the next best method, which would have had a number of other drawbacks.”

James is a pioneer in the use of such track systems, which were first designed for use in factories and warehouses. He is credited with being the first lifting engineer to install one on a construction site in 2002.

In its standard format, Hird Lifting’s lightweight track is attached to the scaffolding system, though it can also be connected to steelwork or to concrete ceilings.


The load is then held by a manual or electric chain hoist attached to a trolley which sits inside a slot on the underside of the track. Once lifted to the required level, the load is transported on either

single or double trollies.

The lightweight track, which comes in 3m standard lengths, is ideal for stone masonry because it can be fixed along the edge of the building, for instance where stone is being laid as a

detail edge or used as facing.

James said: “Stone masons love the system because they want stone to be delivered precisely where it is needed, and then lowered into place with millimetre-perfect precision, which is what our lightweight track does.

“The building was very close to hoardings so positioning a crane was difficult. Also, it had a complex elevation, and was fully-scaffolded, which made crane lifting more problematic still. The lightweight track worked with these conditions, not against them.”

Lightweight track in use

Hird Lifting’s lightweight track comes in weight limits of up to 400kg and up to 1,000kg.  Other key benefits are:

  • It is clever but conventional technology, so can be installed by scaffolders with minimal instruction
  • Its light weight means it can be used in the widest variety of circumstances
  • It is fast and easy to install or break down, by a minimal number of personnel
  • Lightweight track can be fitted to any length and in any configuration
  • It can be easily and rapidly adapted as work progresses
  • It is readily available, as Hird Lifting always has it in stock

Hird Lifting will advise scaffolders on how to fit the lightweight track. Our engineers will then attend site before it is used to thoroughly examine the track and weight-test the entire system up to its safe working load, and provide a LOLER certificate.

The lifting equipment is available for hire across the UK, along with all necessary additional equipment, including lifting hoists, trollies and slings.

For more information, contact Hird Lifting on 0203 174 2551.