Vacuum slab lifter hire made easy with Hird

Vacuum slab lifter hire made easy with Hird

Vacuum slab lifter hire choices have been made even easier at Hird as we have invested in more Probst Power Handy VPH lifting machines.

It goes to show that Hird is not just the first choice supplier of big and sophisticated lifting equipment, such as Maeda mini cranes and Winlet glazing robots.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive lifting hire service!

Safe and quick

The two-person Probst paving vacuum lifter is ideal for lifting and installing granite slabs and concrete slabs up to 150kg in weight safely and quickly.

In fact, the Power Handy VPH slab suction lifter can be used to lift out, or lift into place, any non-porous slab or sheet material, including stone, metal or plastic.

These easy-to-use slab lifters are most commonly used by Hird customers carrying out pavement construction or maintenance across the UK.

Minimal effort

They are flexible and powerful material lifting and laying devices, allowing easy edge-to-edge placing of paving slabs with minimal effort and greatest safety.

Though simple to use, the Power Handy VPH vacuum stone lifter is also ultra-modern and sophisticated.
Its vacuum pad is designed to not crease or break, even if it is placed for long periods on sharp edges. So its performance is not affected by the everyday activities common on construction sites.

Rapid recharge

The vacuum slab lifter also comes with an advanced battery charger, which quickly gets the lifting equipment back up to power, and able to be used for a whole day without being recharged.

The vacuum pump has a pressure gauge and a suction force indicator, and the suction plate seal can be replaced in less than one minute.

As a device, the Probst Power Handy VPH suction slab lifter is robust and has galvanised parts, so they will not rust.

Fully adjustable

Its handles can be adjusted for height and width for different slab laying tasks and to accommodate different sized operatives, for optimum manual handling safety and productivity.

In addition, the suction slab lifter has a lifting eyelet so it can be attached to a mini crane, material hoist, or counterbalance floor crane.

The Probst Power Handy VPH combines the latest suction lifting technology with simple and flexible operation, and excellent manual handling safety.

For more information about vacuum slab lifter hire options from Hird, call us today. Our lifting equipment is available across the UK. Call 0203 1742551 or email [email protected]